Wishes of Good Night Messages

200+ Wishes of Good Night Messages for Your Love

Wishes of Good Night

Do you want to share some heartfelt, cute and awesome wishes of goodnight messages with your fiancée, family, peers, partner and loved ones?

It doesn’t matter if you’re together or apart.

You may be in the other room or on the other side of the world.

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Wishes of Good Night Messages

When you send heartfelt messages to say good night, you’ve got a great way to express your feelings, reveal your appreciation and aid them to feel great before they sleep.

Certain good night text messages energize tough days in such way that gets the day better.

Your heartfelt words can make one cast aside the stress and tension of the day and encourage your loved ones and friends to have a rejuvenating, beautiful, positive and sound sleep.

At times, an inspiring, sweet or even romantic good night messages are just what a person needs to hear to have the perfect night’s sleep.

Today, you’ll learn four major sub-lessons that’ll assist you in sending them off to dreamland feeling important, happy, and cared for:

1.) wishes of goodnight messages for her;

2.) wishes of goodnight messages for him;

3.) and wishes of goodnight for friends.

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Romantic Wishes of Goodnight Messages for Her

Wishes of Good Night

You are proud of your girlfriend, wife or any female loved one, irrespective of the status. Make them see that you really care about them by doing the dishes and helping them to have a good night sleep.

These romantic wishes of goodnight messages will unleash the best smile and a refreshed aura on her face and aid her to have romantic dreams of you!

“As the day darkens, I always want to hold you and feel your breath. Goodnight my darling.”

“It calms my nerves when I think about how you look at me, full of love and passion. Have a good night sleep, beautiful.”

“All nights, I think about how you make my life more meaningful and the way I’m lucky to have you in my life. Good night my love.”

“I can’t wait to see your beautiful face in the morning. Have a good night sleep, sugar”

“Pinch me hard! You know why? I can’t believe you are next to me all nights. Good night darling, sweet dreams.”

“I think about your sweet memories of this day and I can’t wait to have another one tomorrow with you.”

“Kiss me now or kiss me never, whichever way I get to snuggle with you later. Sleep well baby. Good night sexy lady, thank you for sticking with me.”

“Sleep well love, good night my heart, good night my everything, good night my all.romantic good night messages for her.”

“May the dreamiest, sweetest, deepest sleep be with you tonight. I love you sleep tight.Even when I close my eyes I see your face, I think of you, I think I might be in love with you. Good night.”

“Close your eyes, I’ll hold you tight. I vow, I’ll keep you safe throughout the night. I love you baby.”

“I am totally, honestly, absolutely fallen in love with you. See you in the morning, baby.

“All my worries vanish when I see you next to me all nights. Good night sugar.You are my everything and all. Goodnight my queen.”

“I just want to be the man lying beside you today, tomorrow and forever. Good night darling. Even when I have a hard day it doesn’t matter because I get to come home to you and wake up with you. Have a pleasant night sleep, baby.”

“There’s really a lot going on right now. We got a lot to think about. We got a lot to do, but one thing is pertinent: I can’t miss telling you that I love you. Good night honey”

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Romantic Wishes of Goodnight Messages for Him

Romantic Wishes of Goodnight Messages for Him
Romantic Wishes of Goodnight Messages for Him

Sure, he may understand that you love and care for him.

But when you send your man one of these romantic good night sweet dreams messages, he’ll sleep knowing fully well how deeply you care for him and ensuring that you are the last thing on his mind before he drifts off to sleep.

Deep inside men dig sweet and caring gestures. Here are list the list of good night wishes that are so sweet, sugar-craving ants may come and join you in bed:

“Through the good times or the bad times, I promise you every night I’ll kiss and cuddle with you. Good night my love.”

“Not only are you a good man but you are also sweet and cuddly. Sleep tight and I love you.”

“May you wake up with the brightest and most wonderful day ahead of you.”

“Wishing good night and sweet dreams to the man of my wildest dreams.”

“You fill my heart with happiness and I hope your day will be the same. Good night my love.”

“Let your body and mind rest, you deserve only the best. Sleep well, wake up well, my love.”

“The twinkle in your eyes makes my day and your warm hugs make my night. Sleep well and goodnight.”

“I will see your handsome face tomorrow. Goodnight darling.”

“You make my heart flutter and bloom like a beautiful flower. Good night my prince.”

“Good night to my knight in shining armor. I am grateful to be going to bed with you every night.”

Goodnight Messages for Friends

“Even when you are asleep you still look handsome and macho to me. Good night my love.”

“I just want you to know that you are the last thing on my mind when I go to bed. Sleep tight darling.”

“Your kisses and hugs is what makes my day complete. Good night!”

“It’s not the chocolate, wine or flowers, it’s your smile that makes my heart flutter. Good night my love.”

“Will you promise to cuddle with me at night and make my favourite cup of coffee forever? Nah, never mind you are stuck with me. Good night babe.”

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“Thank you for all that you do. I love you and have a good night.”

“Our relationship might not be perfect, but you are to me. Good night baby, I love you.”

“May your dreams be as sweet and wonderful as you. I love you, good night.”

“When I think about you as I lay down in my sleep, I promise to love you like the ocean deep. Good night, my best friend.”

“Goodnight dear, I just can’t wait to see your lovely face right when I wake up.”

“I wish you a splendid night rest. Make sure you sleep well, sleep tight and dream good dreams tonight.”

“May you end your day with glamorous thoughts and positive energy and look forward to a morning that is as wonderful as you. Good night and sleep well.”

“I want to feel your sweet lips before I say goodnight. They are my sleeping pills.”

“Can you do me a favour? Think of how amazing you are before you sleep. Good night!”

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Goodnight Messages for Friends

Your friends are the next ones after your family members. It’d be a relationship strengthening approach when you make them feel important.

Trust me, they’ll sleep well, blushing about an amazing friend they’ve encountered once in their lifetime.

The goodnight messages for friends I’ve compiled are as follows:

  • “Why would I complain I have a person like you to thank all nights for always being there for me no matter what. I hope you have a good night sleep.”
  • “I bless the very day I met you. You’re indeed a different being on planet earth with precious potentials worth of envying. As you sleep tonight, don’t forget to close your eyes.”
  • “I wouldn’t believe the fact that we can’t do without quarrelling. Why wouldn’t we fight, since you’re an asshole before? Just ensure to pour away whatever shits I might have done to you in the pit of wastes as you sleep. Ah! One more thing, don’t forget to wake up tomorrow.”
  • Cheer your loved ones on the above wishes of goodnight, give them a restful and peaceful sleep and make their day brighter and better than it already is.

Good night and good luck!

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